Since 2003, ACM-US has supported dozens of projects to help ensure the stability and growth of Mongolian culture. Sealed from the rest of the world for 70 years, Mongolian culture reaches back centuries. It is now colliding with the dizzying changes of global economies.

Mongolia's cultural heritage is one of its greatest assets. In a country facing serious economic circumstances, culture is a source of pride and identity to its people, helps retain the brightest and most talented workers, and encourages new generations to understand, appreciate, and participate in the richness that is Mongolia.

Mongolian culture continues to evolve as artists fuse influences from around the globe with traditional Mongolian art forms to create dazzling new works. Mongolian culture is also a treasure for the world, with unique art forms that convey the complexity of the nomadic lifestyle with its profound connections to the natural world. 

ACM-US is a independent, US, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We work closely with the professional Mongolian staff at Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) in Ulaanbaatar to help advise and ensure their projects are grounded in the needs of that country. ACM-US often engages ACM in Ulaanbaatar to assist in defining and carrying out projects.

Your support of ACM-US helps ensure Mongolian culture remains vibrant for this and future generations the world over.


Our Mission

The mission of Arts Council of Mongolia-US is to raise funds to support the professional capacity of Mongolian culture, artists, and arts organizations.

What We've Achieved

  • Provided training to more than 250 arts and cultural managers and administrators in topics including marketing, strategic planning, intellectual property rights, fundraising and leadership.
  • Supported development of a website that documents some 1,000 Buddhist temples destroyed during the purges of 1936-37 and captures oral histories of now-elderly people who remember those times.
  • Provided training in museum collection management to more than 60????? Mongolian museum professionals and provided museums with urgently needed archival museum supplies and tools
  • Supported production of a film documenting the profound cultural changes coming with the migration of Mongolian herders to the urban realities of Ulaanbaatar.
  • Provided training to sound and lighting technicians from dozens of Mongolian cultural organizations.
  • Engaged thousands of residents of almost a dozen North American cities with Mongolian performing artists including both traditional arts and fusion of the traditional and contemporary arts.
  • Supported one of the US's leading conductors to lead a Mongolian orchestra in performance of Mongolian composers.
  • Connected scores of Mongolian and US students through online exchanges of each others culture and supported travel exchanges between teachers and students of the two countries.
  • Helped build a new culture of philanthropic giving for arts in Mongolia.