Melody of Gobi High School Kids to Antalya International Youth Festival; May 14-20, 2018, Active Fundraising

Melody of Go  bi  students from  Khankhongor High School

Melody of Gobi students from Khankhongor High School

It’s a life-changing dream for high-school students from the Gobi and a perfect way to preserve and promote Mongolian extraordinary culture.

Ten musically talented students from Khankhongor High School and their chaperons are headed to the International Antalya Youth Festival in Turkey. Nomadic Expeditions has made a very generous contribution to cover airfares, but the project needs your financial support to cover basic per-diem expenses like food. That’s where your tax-deductible contribution to Arts Council of Mongolia-US comes in.

The performing arts education program at Khankhongor High School began in 2000, with 80 students and 17 teachers participating in the program annually. Graduates of the school have gone on to the Mongolian Music Conservatory, the University of Arts and Culture in Ulaanbaatar, and related dance and circus jobs in Japan and Korea.

The program ensures that Mongolia’s rich culture is preserved. Its students learn to play traditional musical instruments–such as the horsehead fiddle, zither, flute, Mongolian horn, four-stringed fiddle or huuchir, sanxian, and dulcimer–and are taught to perform ancient songs and dance.

The Antalya International Youth Festival in Antalya, Turkey is an annual event that has showcased cultures and talents from across the globe for nearly 30 years. It will give these students—forming a group called “Melody of Gobi”—invaluable, life-changing experiences and highlight Mongolian culture on the world stage. The Festival takes place May 14-20.  So please donate now through the "Take Action" page on this website.